Giuseppe Sciortino

Called to the bar in 1975, Giuseppe speaks several languages. At the beginning of his career, he worked with Bernard Mergler, a lawyer known as one of the forerunners of civil, political, social and economic rights.

Before the primary focus of his practice became labour law, he worked in criminal and immigration law, representing refugees from the four corners of the world.
Founding partner of the firm, he has devoted most of his practice to certification, negotiation, arbitration and complaints heard by the Canada Industrial Relations Board and the Administrative Labour Tribunal.

Giuseppe has worked in administrative law, judicial review, injunctions, contempt of court, and civil liability involving unions and social, political and cultural associations. He has represented clients before most tribunals, both in Quebec and federally. He has also represented parties before UN Committees. In labour law, he has extensive experience in industrial, public and communications fields.

He also represented Victor Brito Regalado, a Salvadorian journalist, and represented a number of student unions during the 2012 student demonstrations, including Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, whom he represented before the Supreme Court of Canada.

He has acted as legal advisor since January 2017.